Uncle Sam, Music and Art


Uncle Sam and I, Healdsburg Plaza, CA, Tuesday Night Summer Concert Series

Happy 4th of July!  Have you ever seen such a cute Uncle Sam?!  I ran into him at the concert in the plaza where he was spreading good cheer.   Bob and I showed up at show time and walked around to find a place to park our chairs when a friendly fellow named Danny (previously unknown to use), who’s a local wine rep, poet and actor, invited us to take two of his seats and even offered us dinner and wine!  The band was jazz trio, Lao Tizer.  After settling into the music, some people watching, dinner and wine, I got out my sketch book to try to capture a taste of this lovely evening.


Tombow brush pen, watercolor and Sharpie pen in watercolor sketchbook

Got most of the drawing and painting in before I attracted a small friendly audience.

We also went last week to hear a bluesy jazz band at the Healdsburg Plaza and I was able to sketch the lead singer, Frank Bey. (also good to dance to!)


(Sorry about the nose, Frank.  Didn’t get it right the first time!)  Man, could he sing!  I think musicians and free concerts are my new favorite sketch subject.

Next week though I’m going off to “the wilds” on a hiking and camping trip with my friend Katya.  Sky, mountain, lake, wildflowers will find their way into my sketchbook.

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