Up in Smoke


smoke “paint”, acrylic inks, collage, phone book “hair” on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

The gods came to to proclaim it as the most beautiful creation, there where it lay beneath a smoky sky raining golden drops.

We smoked up my studio a bit last Monday, more with the smokin’ hot excitement of playing with this amazing form of air-born charcoal than actual smokiness from the candle we used.

Light a candle and hold your paper up against it at different angles.  Let the flame caress the paper and watch the fire spirit jump out and land on the paper in the form of a soft silvery bit of mystery.

If you want to get the lovely brown marks you have to be a bit more of a fire bug and hold the paper directly over the flame til the paper actually starts to burn.  Snatch it away and immediately extinguish it.  You may get a hole now and then.  With the 140lb watercolor paper we use, it takes a while to start a fire, so you can have lots of fun with this without needing the water bucket.  Don’t let the flame touch the edge of the paper where it can catch fire quickly.

You can also smoke paint over the top of an acrylic painting for added texture.  But if you’re going to paint over the smoke you will need to put spray fixative on it first to set the smoke.



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