Powdered Charcoal + Sun


powdered graphite, acrylic, pencil, stamping on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

Andrew traipsing off to Europe this week, and Ben soon to fly the academic coop and fledge into parts unknown . . . while I flitter and light, staying close  to this world of ripening plums and lavender. . .making footprints in this garden under the hot California sun.

charcoalclassIt was so hot on Monday that it was the perfect day for the powdered charcoal wash lesson!  Sprinkle some powdered charcoal and a bit of pigment powder on the paper and pour water over it to move it around.  Put it out in the sun until it dries (about 1 minute in the fierce 95 degree sun).  Then spray with fixative and you’re ready to put paint on and take advantage of some fascinating textures!  And if you wet patterns on the the paper before sprinkling the charcoal on,the water acts as a resist, for even more interesting effects!

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