Model on a Rotisserie


Tombow brush pen on hot press paper

Lulu had excellent posture which never sagged, only I couldn’t deal with the idea of a straight vertical line.  I thought it unwise to tell the model to slouch, since this might not have been a problem for anyone else.  So I rotated my paper to do the sketch, then added in some other sketchers when I still had time.  The Tombow pen bleeds when you wet it, for quick and messy form shading.


Tombow brush  pen and watercolor

The model turns as on a rotisserie to face different artists each time.  Once again a ramrod straight pose.  I could almost hear a parent saying “now don’t slouch dear”. So this time I turned the paper more than once and exaggerated the form (really hard for me to do for some reason).  I loved mixing the Chinese white in with the watercolors to make them more chalky.  Nowhere near a likeness, but that was not my goal.


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