Pouring a Volcano


acrylic inks in pouring medium on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

Poured acrylic paint brings to mind that streaming molten lava coming down volcanos in rivulets.  Working with it feels about as controllable as a volcanic eruption as well!  This was the first piece I was able to do without escaping rivers of acrylic running off the surface and pooling in unwanted areas.  A few drops of (each color) acrylic ink mixed with a generous amount of Liquitex pouring medium was poured onto the uncoated paper and tilted in different directions to get those interesting incidents. The colors were poured next to each other so that they “knit” together and then made spontaneous patterns. Each time a rivulet started I filled in the space with more of the fluid paint.  I can’t imagine trying to do this large without a retinue of helpers.

That’s what Jonas Gerard does.  He has a person at each corner of the large painting to help with the tilting while he pours.  It’s a fun video to watch.

Golden Paints has their own versions of pouring mediums:

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