acrylic inks in pouring medium, skins, collage on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

Spring, where thoughts flow along the lines of fantasy and do not wish to be reigned in.  They meet along the green fibers of stems and settle in pools of rain water.  Their iridescence gets in the hair and makes it glow in sunshine.  Their scent soaks through walls and beckons like some gypsy violinist.

Join me! it sings. Grab a balloon and lift off.  Take to the pollen rich skies, but not too far, not too fast.  It’s all happening now on this green earth and is not to be missed.

And so on flow thoughts along filaments of spring’s radiant garments.

This was my first attempt at pouring with the Liquitex pouring medium. And now that I read over what I wrote last month, I realize that this was painted in earlier spring when we were still getting some rain and I was feeling bewitched by nature’s abundant rebirthing and a little unbalanced by it.


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