Guilty Pleasures


Tombow pen and Uniball pen and watercolor in 9 X 12″ mixed media sketchbook

My cat Phil absolutely excels at lounging.  And he also excels at enjoying the heady fragrances and warm breezes of springtime.  I get to notice this alot because I’m always on the move and pass him outside in the garden many times a day. So I allowed myself the guilty pleasure (yes, the work ethic is alive and well in me) of sitting down with him to sketch.  Two guilty pleasures!  Enjoying the spring garden without pulling weeds, watering, etc, and sketching for the sheer pleasure of it.

Phil followed me to my favorite garden chair in the shade and even jumped up on the table next to me.  But what I thought was going to be a curled up, sleeping, lounging cat lying still so I could sketch him was instead a lesson in watching for the pose he kept returning to and getting a bit more of it each time.

The main problem was that Phil, being a very loving and perhaps affection starved cat, was so happy to have my company, that he kept bumping my hand with his nose and drooling on my picture.


. . .until finally he found his angle of repose with just an occasional adjustment of the ears.  But oh, by that time I had remembered what I was headed out to accomplish on this beautiful spring day and had to pack up and leave him to lounge further alone.



  1. Hi Susan, I haven’t been coming to jazzercise as regularly lately so haven’t been able to ask if you would be willing to give haley and me a crash course in travel sketching. We’re going to Kenya on June 10th and it occurred to Haley to turn this trip into her senior project. We will be in a sharing circle each day with a group of teens and young women sharing their stories. It may fill in some questions about our service trip if you wanted to look at the YouTube video “Walk to Beautiful”. I don’t know if you have any time to fit us in for a couple of hours, but will cross my fingers. Warmly, Mary Jayne

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