I am of two minds


acrylic and Citra solved collage on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

I am of two minds.

I am of the mind that looks into dark spaces and shines light there.

I am of the mind that rests in darkness, seeing the light outside while not feeling a part of it.

And where these two meet I am of the mind of the explorer scaling dangerous peaks to discover the region where darkness meets light and the two sides finally know each other.



  1. I really respond to this piece! I think it’s the colors (I’ve been attracted to yellow all week), and the inside/outside contrast, conflict or whatever one wants to call it, has been with me since I started to collage. I love the words as well! This is the integration of dark and light, belonging and not belonging, and as Jungians would say “holding the opposites”. Thanks for sharing this!


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