Sunday afternoon at the figure drawing marathon



A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon – brush pen in hand and a steady flow of excellent poses with attitude.  The Bay Area Model’s Guild always serves up a feast of figure poses in the marathon day for artists at Merritt Collage in Oakland.  I settled down to do the 5 and 10 minute poses, arriving late in the day with no time to warm up.  I brought my Tombow brush pen, which I’ve been enjoying lately for its bold line and water soluble mark which is good for running a wet brush over and establishing 60 second shadow forms.



The partially clothed model is so much more interesting to me.  The clothing helps to tell a story.


This model (same one – she took off her orange wig!) really knows how to vamp it up!


And the combination of the boots with the cute little 1950’s stewardess style hat really worked. (different model)


Switch to all angles for the masculine  effect.


The posture here tells the story with such utter simplicity.


I pulled out my watercolor palette for this one.  Painted some color shapes to start, then inked in the drawing and put another layer of watercolor on.


A wonderful pose with two girls back to back.  Not enough time to get much detail in.




Maybe I can get a job doing fashion design sketches?!



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