Got my eye on you


acrylic pour using Liquitex Pouring Medium on w/c paper, 10 X 10″

This was my demo in the Monday group, but I didn’t paint it.  I mean I mixed and poured black, white and gold acrylics and moved the paper around so that the pigments could do their thing. And a few turns of the paper to discover which way was up. It took overnight to dry. That’s it. I think I’m hooked. A lot of acrylic pouring medium mixed with a few drops of paint and you’re good to go. It’s good for making acrylic “skins” too.

What’s with that eye up there, anyway?  It’s like the piece has an intelligence of its own. I haven’t written about it yet (a free write) and am almost afraid to!


One comment

  1. That is rich!
    I can also see the “eye” as a nose on some sort of animal-like creature wearing a black suit, with a gold watch and chain flying off to the side…. Hope I don’t encounter him in my dreams tonight 🙂


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