Sketchbook Skool

I got back from Portland earlier this week and heard that my painting buddy had started Danny Gregory’s new 6 week online sketch workshop, Sketchbook Skool, and immediately signed up, not wanting to miss out on the fun.  I used to teach a lot of sketchbook workshops and one can always learn something new!  Actually as I recall, it was Danny Gregory who first incited me to sketch things like worn old tennis shoes and the contents of my breakfast plate.

The Sketch Skool started a week ago, but you could still catch up, if you haven’t already enrolled. I didn’t have time for sketchbook shopping, so I found a still pristine 9 X 12″ Mix Media Canson sketchbook on my shelf and inaugurated it.  Over the years I’ve collected an insane number of pens, brushes, paints, etc. So I decided to tackle this rather large sketchbook with a variety of things, as if sketching for the first time!


Being a very practical sort I started by using some of the leftover paint from my stay wet palette which had been moldering away while I was on vacation.  The first week’s homework is to sketch your daily life, with words about your thoughts/feelings.  I learned that the paper was too thin for using a dip pen, since it leaks through – good to know. And the black Pentel brush leaked all over my hand as I held it.


A few minutes sketching in the garden in the afternoon and after dinner, forgetting for a while whatever I was “supposed” to be doing instead.  Once I started copying Rumi poetry I could have kept going for pages!  And then I followed Bob into the family room.


 Started with a Uni Ball Vision pen and switched to a Sharpie for a more defined line.

He would be appalled to hear me say this, but yes, sketching beats out watching a basketball game most of the time.  However I may have to put down my pen for a few minutes during a Downton Abbey.



  1. I’m having a great time at Sketchbook Skool too! Great to see your sketches, always an inspiration to me how you design the page and how you portray people and animals (esp chickens!)


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