Occular Guardians


acrylic inks, collage on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

Sometimes I get goose bumps when, in the process of totally random and playful art making, I am suddenly struck by the convergence of shapes, colors, textures, line, symbols, etc that create a waking dream message.

For example.  I was anticipating another eye treatment for a condition of swelling in the retina.  My experience of this occular phenomena is that I see a shimmering shape of a raptor-like bird in hovering position.  Lately I’ve been watching “bald eagle TV”, the web cam of the bald eagle nest in Georgia.  (watch this at your own risk, it’s addictive!) It’s so up-close-and-personal, watching the eagle mom caring for her chick, that you start to feel her feathers and gentle nudging. . .at least I do.

Last week I was demonstrating applications of acrylic inks onto wet paper, scraping etc. and was painting around a circle of white.  At some point it started looking like the medical pictures I’ve seen of my eye. I went to my collage file and found a comic strip picture of me and National Geo magazine featuring eagles. Bingo!

You see, I have always felt that this eye obstruction was somehow presided over by the creature whose shape it took – a benevolent event in other words.  After all who has better sight, better perspective from their perch in the upper stories of life, than the regal eagle?


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