Last chapter: Bahamas


These Bahamians have a thing for color.  I mean the interior walls of the little airport at Marsh Harbor are bright salmon and lime green.  And the historic kerosene fueled lighthouse in Hope Town with its candy cane exterior is hot pink and green on the interior!  It’s enough to make a sketchbooker froth at the mouth.  And the sea is so many constantly shifting shades of green and blue that I found my little two by three inch watercolor travel palette to be insufficient to the task.  I needed a Cobalt Teal and a Cobalt Blue Violet and any number of other exotic pigments. We walked up to the top of the lighthouse for a 360 degree view of the harbor, but couldn’t sketch from there, so here’s a photo:


It was a day for sailing so we headed over to Man O War, a neighboring island with another lovely marina. We were hungry and stopped in at the Dock n Dine restaurant on the wharf for lobster (deep fried) BLT’s and sweet potato french fries.  This was not a time to worry about cholesterol.

bahamas13The dinghy (pictured here with the  motor on it) was the mode of transportation from sailboat to dock.  Man O War turned out to be a particularly great place to view interesting sailboats, some of them hand crafted in the historic manner.

I will end with the most adventuresome day when the sea finally tossed me and my cookies, if you know what I mean.  I had been wearing those bracelets with the buttons that activate the acupuncture point which prevents nausea, and taking the homeopathic remedy for motion sickness while sailing.  But it was a particularly windy day and Brit and Sandy wanted to take us out to a reef where the snorkeling was particularly good, which it was!  I think this picture, sketched later by an active imagination,  will finish the story.


That night we came back by way of another island called Lubber Quarters and stopped at Cracker Pi’s for the famed full moon feast and party. The definition of the word “lubber” is

1. a big clumsy, stupid person: lout

2. an awkward or unskilled sailor.

Both fit me quite nicely that day.


Is there anything more magical than a full moon sail?  I am still under the spell and hope to never forget.


Here we are, Liz, Sandy and me, wishing you a happy springtime from our coffee deck in the Bahamas.



  1. As one making her way through what must be our 16th snowstorm this season, including a new one today, your images delight. Thank you, Susan, for sharing your charming work.


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