Up, Up, and Away!


acrylic, inks, collage, stencils on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

What can I say?  A bizarre image of what might happen on an adventure in a hot air balloon with butterfly wings or even an airplane trip to the Bahamas, which is where I’m headed tonight for a week of sun and surf and meeting up with friends on a sailboat.  At the moment it all seems as far fetched as this painting, that I will have my toes in warm white sands by tomorrow.

I’m taking my sketchbook of course and will have some art to share when I return – the candy cane striped lighthouse in Hope Town, for one. Though one can’t predict ones reaction to life in the hammock with a rum drink in hand. . . See you on the other side!



  1. not bizarre at all! I love the bright colors against the black, almost Klee-like. Have fun in the Bahamas, lucky you!!


  2. Trip to the Bahamas with fun on a sailboat? Sounds like a dream….hope you have a wonderful time…anxious to hear all about it on your return…judy markoff


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