For My Valentine


collage, acrylic, ink on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

Tonight – same time, same place.

Let us meet in lustrous moon bright, yet concealed all round by garden shadows, whilst unicorns prance and nymphs play hide and seek. There shall we bathe not in moonlight, but in fine embraces.

Ours is a time of courtly love and care must be taken not to be so discovered by lords and ladies, uncles and aunts, milk maids and game keepers.  We shall kiss in hushed silence, my love, and pray the night will tarry to prolong our rapture.

Can you tell?  I’m a lover of Masterpiece Theatre, costumes and historical novels. The Muse Groups did the “My Love Relations” lesson, where we play with the figure and collage to express a love relationship (here’s some others from last year you might want to see)

For this piece I started out by collaging old love songs all over, then copied an outline of the figures from the painting “The Kiss” by Francesco Hayez (circa 1859).  Then more collaging and painting over.

Have a happy valentines day!


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