Hu-Man Angel


Acrylic and collage on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

 He shimmers on the threshold, this Apollo, this David, this hunk of man flesh.  The winged guardian knows a human angel when she sees one, knows he needs her blessings, for there is no loving among humans without the duel pain of longing and loss. Meanwhile lovers stroll in moonlight, offering prayers to each other, with a reverence born of pairing.

Honestly, I do not seek to either scandalize or incite the passions with this bit of naughtiness.  There are simply times in art play when certain images seem to belong together.  The “assignment” was to take a picture and glue it onto the paper and continue the image out from it onto the larger paper using paint and collage and line.

When my husband saw this piece on my table, he said “When did you catch that picture of me?”  Always the joker!

One comment

  1. Interesting, I didn’t notice the couple till I read your commentary. But when I saw them, the whole image pulled together. Very satisfying!


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