Magic Carpet Ride


acrylic inks, gesso, image transfer on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

Suzy redhead rules her world, takes her magic carpet ride each day, orange cat by her side.  There’s no place too far to fly on her magic carpet bed with the apple trees outside, and the cows next door. The fabric of each day has enough colors to last, enough textures and smells, sights and sounds to entertain. And then there’s the firefly nights.  . .

Every once in a while I like to pull out some old pictures and do an image transfer with them.  I recently discovered that if you’re careful, you can do an instant transfer with gel or even matte medium (using a toner/laser print, not ink jet).  That’s what I was demonstrating in Mon. Muse group.

When I was in first grade we lived on Cowenton Ave. in Maryland, next to the cows and down the lane from the chickens. And there was a mini apple orchard in our front yard.  Small wonder I once again have found my way to living amongst the apples. And something we don’t have here in California – those magic firefly nights!



  1. I’d like to review image transfers with you. Last time we did transfers in Muses I must have passed on it and the time has come to in corporate that technique again. It’s simple I know, I just need some reminders.


    1. Yes of course Muriel! Would be happy to review it with you. But just briefly here. . .I copied the photo on my toner copier in blk/white and then cut out the part I wanted to transfer. Then I painted soft gel matte onto the (dried) painting surface in a thin even layer, put the copy ink side down onto the wet gel. I burnished it carefully and let it sit one minute. Then I carefully peeled up a layer of white paper and let it dry a bit more before rubbing off the rest of the paper pulp. This is the instant transfer method, not as foolproof as when you let it dry overnight.


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