Visual Banquet or Myopia


My optic nerve just got nervy, dished up a stew of shimmery visions, an acid head’s slide show (without the drugs).  Left a big old blob, like an abandoned jalopy right in the center of my eye.

The doctors with their lights and computers and needles, with their serious faces and long labels – even the doctors couldn’t put Humpty together again. He set up camp, front and center, took the shape of a winged creature.

 He comes to life as the lids close.  The I inside the eye sees his mesmerizing dance of swirling eddies, bubbles, dashes, arrows, dots – of entrancing rainbow colors, a private light show.

Myopia or visual banquet? 

I woke on New Years Eve with a visual disturbance.  A strange occurence to which I’m adjusting. It was enough of a scare that I took to the paper to see what I could work out.  After all, this art process is not always about getting a lovely art piece. When we need to heal something the art becomes a powerful partner.  The “bad” things can be trapped a bit in the art so they lose some fearsomeness.



  1. Thanks Linda and Cathy! Getting used to “the blob”, still enjoying the psychedelic swirls when I close my eyes, and just moving a couple rows closer to the teacher in Jazzercise. All is well.


  2. I will also send all kinds of healing vibes your way….
    Meanwhile, how about painting these “psychedelic swirls” ???
    Hang in there! And congrats for having all these paintings at the winery!!


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