Happy New Year!


acrylic inks, image transfer, phone book “hair” on w/c paper 10 X 11″

an alignment of moon and stars

presided over by three cherubs

whose innocence blends with heavenly forces

to give an earthly sampling of that which lies beyond

Go gently into the new year, not encumbering yourself with too many resolutions.  This time of year I make myself very small, folding back into the earth like so much mulch.  My thoughts are merely fertilizer and may or may not bear fruit.  Naps are longer and I delight just a bit in knowing that somehow the world goes on without me in its revels as well as its suffering.

Having said that. . .today I got a lovely report from WordPress about the past year of my blog. It was viewed 27,000 times this year by people from 128 different countries!  That’s 9-10 sold out performances worth at the Sydney Opera House which holds 2700 people!

Being a very private person in general I have to admit that my purpose in blogging has had more to do with showing up for my own art process than with gaining a following.  But I also love the idea that you might find inspiration for your own art here.

In this new year may we continually discover ways to be the creators we were meant to be.


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