acrylic  marbling with matte medium, collage on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

what was it really like back then?


pick a starting point like this costumed time 

move forward from there

death becomes more visible when you take a walk in the past

Some of us are particularly fascinated with the past and think we would enjoy time travel.  We are the lovers of Masterpiece Theatre.  My family jokes about how I seem to prefer any movie that has costumes regardless of other factors.  Not exactly true, but sometimes I do think I was born in the wrong era.

If you mix matte medium generously with your fluid acrylics you have pourable pigment which makes gorgeous acrylic “skins” and is fun for marbling.  This is what we did in Saturday Muses.  I poured three lines of this fluid color on the paper, then tipped it so the paint started to move, and ran a popsicle stick through the colors to marble them.  Then I used a roller to spread the colors around the paper and get another texture and good coverage.

If you do this on a plastic surface (sheet protectors work great or even wax paper), when it’s dry you have a skin to use for collage.


above: marbling on w/c paper, below:  paint spread out on a sheet protector to make “skins”

Making skins is often a by-product of painting, a way to make use of paint left on the palette before it dries out. You can peal them up and cut and use them just like any collage piece.  Just take care not to let them stick together. I love the plastic quality of them in contrast to a more matte finished painted surface and tend to think of skins as ways to decorate and enliven a piece.


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