Focus on Line


Acrylic inks, Inktense pencils, on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

I am a bird sitting on eggs

atop a red sunset

atop a riverbed 

atop a boat on seas 

atop fish to be captured by the likes of me

I am atop as I am below

my life in the skies depends on my life below

in a constant ebb and flow

Five tools for design making in art: shape, value, color, texture and line.  We’ve been focusing on one in each Muse Group and this week was LINE, defined as a mark with greater length than width and having direction.  Well, there’s more to it, but just focusing on making line type marks is rewarding in itself.

So we started making lines with eyes closed and a hunk of charcoal in hand.  I took the shapes I’d made with charcoal and using the ink dropper, started on a fresh sheet of w/c paper with the same movements.  More ink, some gesso and water soluble pencil and lo and behold, the ubiquitous bird and egg appeared! And what about the boat?  Maybe there will be a trip, a cruise perhaps, in my future?


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