Honor Guard


acrylic, clear contact paper, collage on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

Salutations!  Remember the ancestors!

With a brisk heel click and a salute he plants himself and dedicates his emotions to defense of country and survival.

Yet the images come like ghosts rising up from the battlefield of memory – fallen comrades, ancestors of this foreign place, his own grandfather and grandmother, mothers and babies, even unborn.

He walks the impossible gauntlet to claim courage and compassion as his own, and honor as his birthright.

A day too late for Veterans Day, but never too late for these sentiments, which arose spontaneously from the art – a demo for last Saturday’s class.  We cut shapes from clear contact paper.  Mine suggested human figures.

We placed the cut outs on the paper (using the sticky backing)  to mask shapes.  Next we painted transparent layers of color, adding new shapes each time, and peeling them off at the end.

Sometimes the paint “crawled” under the contact paper and made colorful creepy crawlies.  I glazed first yellow, then gold, then red and finally phthalo blue, green shade. With the last glaze I spritzed the paint with alcohol while it was wet to get the  bubbly effervescents.  When I saw the soldier with the red glasses on a magazine cover I knew I had my focal point and a story would emerge!


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