Swimming Against the Current


acrylic inks, painter’s tape, collage on w/c paper

swimming against the current

or in schools with the fish

the water doesn’t much mind


it carries you along

dumping you in some swampy ground 

where you gasp and sputter for a while

then break loose in time

 to catch a new current.


are you enjoying the ride yet?

or are you hoping for an overhead branch

to grab and pull yourself out?


if you do, the joke’s on you

you can only hold on so long and

oops! now there’s an alligator sharing the water with you


where is that school to join up with for a while?!



  1. I like this one a lot, Susan. The movement is very evocative but I especially like how your writing adds another layer. Doesn’t look like I’ll be visiting this open studios. I hope it goes well for you.


  2. Dear Susan, I love this piece, “Swimming Against the Current”, because it has such movement, and composition. I also love how all the pieces become intertwinned with all the small pieces in the current. This piece gives one imagination to flow like this current and come up with all possibilities in one,s life. This is an EXCEPTIONAL PIECE THAT PROMOTES A SELF ACTUALIZATION OF ONES SELF. Sincerely, Pat Miodonski (_rmiodonski@aol.com_ (mailto:rmiodonski@aol.com) )


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