Lunar Diary


“Lunar Diary”, mixed media on canvas, 24 X 24″

What would the moon write in her diary? Surely it would be thrilling, maybe even hair raising.  Sometimes when I go out after dark to collect the eggs left by the chickens that day and lock things up, the air is so charged with star and moon light and the breath of nocturnal animals that  I can’t help wondering if I’m missing the most exciting part of the day by retreating back into the house. Some night I must just have a seat out there under the apple tree and watch and listen and smell the evening’s poetry as it unfolds.

This painting is a new one from the Maelstrom series where I’m playing with circular movement and a multitude of mixed media techniques from crinkled masa collage to image transfer to gold leaf.


  1. Love it, Susan. I had such a moment of nostalgia with your description of being outside at night, my childhood in the country. Now I live in the city and suddenly I longed for the dark night and the magic of the stars and the crispness of that dark air. Thank you for the memory. Is that a pot of gold I see? Wonderful whimsy! Rosi


    1. You would have had to sit and stare at it with me for some days before it was finished! The last piece to put in place with the rectangles, which came one morning upon awakening from a dream.


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