ARTrails Open Studios


Are you coming to ARTrails Open Studios this month?!  It’s my 11th year of participating and preparation for the event has been going on for a while. This year I’m happy to say, the walls will be filled with new work.  Take a peak one of my new galleries here.

I’ll also be showing some of the wine country favorites printed large on canvas as well as bins full of the popular smaller prints.

And visit my husband Bob’s photography studio just down the walkway from me.  He’s always got something new up his sleeve.  Wait til you see what he’s doing with image transfers.

Here’s the nitty gritty:  Studio # 114, October 12, 13, 19, 20, 10am-5pm,  2550 Lewis Dr., Sebastopol, CA.  We’ll have signs out on these country roads to make sure you get here.  And you’ll want to put some other artists on your route, so check out the catalogue, map and preview shows here. 

I wrote a short article for the ARTrails Catalogue this year about the experience of visiting open studios. . . copied here in its entirety. I am myself an enthusiastic open studio visitor!

Creative Contagion

by Susan Cornelis

A visitor to my studio will see, along with the paintings on the walls, the piles of sketchbooks, a dizzying confusion of art materials, nests, skulls, feathers, knickknacks like my rubber ducky and clown nose from camp, the plaster cast of my son’s five year old hand, and other treasured artifacts.

 Even the walk down the garden path to the studio is a sensory overload, but most visitors find their footing after a moment or two and zero in on what turns them on. Hopefully it’s a painting they want to take home, but it may be an idea they will work into their own art, or the birth of a desire to take a class, or something with a less obvious connection to the art.

 We visit artist studios with a hunger for something novel. We want the artwork to take us into the artist’s inspiration, but where we land is our own inner life, juicy and rich with new associations.  What we’re learning in the encounter is to step across the border of the predictable. I believe this is one of the most vital ways we expand the horizon of our arts education.

 The excitement of colors in a unique pottery glaze, the use of words in a painting, or mystery in a photographic print creates an opening. Suddenly we’re having novel ideas, new possibilities flowing into a mind that was previously bored by a playlist of oldies. It may even translate to getting new towels for a bathroom or calling a friend who needs encouragement to try something new. 

 The novelty of viewing art casts sunlight on other aspects of life where a breath of fresh air or a bit of wackiness is needed.  So watch out!  The creative spirit is contagious.


So come!  Bring your friends and family.  I’ll look forward to welcoming you.



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