Ample Beauty


5 min sketch – pen and w/c graphite

This ample beauty was one of the models at the Bay Area Model’s Guild Marathon in Oakland last weekend.  It’s a quarterly event I try to attend whenever possible.  The pen goes a little wild when presented with fabulous poses, but only for a matter of minutes, and you never really know when those 2 or 5 or 10 or 20 minutes will suddenly be over!  So you just start sketching like mad and hope for the best!  The graphite comes in a cake like watercolor and you activate it with your brush.  I love the silvery sheen (which is lost in the picture here)


Working on hot pressed and Bristol  surfaces all my brush strokes showed.  Something about the graphite contributed greatly to the sense of weightiness of the image.


No apologies for weight here!  This model was the epitome of voluptuousness, not exactly flaunting it, but wearing it with queenly self assurance.  Ample beauty of the sort a figurative artist celebrates!




  1. Hi Susan! Love your sketches . I have tried this but not succside so well. In thouse minutes you have, did you do the graphites to? Ore did you do them after? (Sorry for my english.) Best regards Lola


    1. I appreciate your efforts at English – quite understandable and your spelling is very creative! I did the line drawing quickly with pen, and then added the graphite while the model was still posing.


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