A Well in a Stone Abbey

theabbeysmoke painting, collage, acrylic on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

Look into the beyond where nature greens and air freshens.

From the well comes the unknown, untouched, unimagined, and access is gained.

Is it any surprise that what emerges is that which has been known all along?

and it’s sweet and has a gentle ring.

We did more smoke painting in Saturday’s Muse Group, just holding the paper up against a candle flame until wisps of soot (charcoal of course) appeared.  The brown parts came from a more intentional effort to burn the paper a bit.  But then charcoal smudges, so I sprayed it with Workable Fixative, which made droplets and changed the look.  No problem.  I pulled out some art paper I’d made a while ago by painting acrylics onto crinkled tracing paper in layers.  Over the white paper it gave a stained glass appearance or a window-open-to-the-garden look.  The structure was another gem I’d saved in my collage file from years ago. Then a background of a stone look using that wonderful Golden acrylic, “Micaceous Iron Oxide” and gold paint.


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