Speak, but don’t shout


acrylic, ink, cheesecloth, pen, stamps and stencils on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

Speak to me, but don’t shout

Tell me to move, but don’t push

Look me in the eye, but don’t stare.

I guess I was in a bit of a “leave me alone” mood.  And something about this little bird was so intrusive with his sharp beak, like when you get down to eye level with a chicken and they look you in the eye with that unblinking look that makes you wonder if your eye looks like a grape to them.

We were adding words to our art pieces in Muse Group last Monday, with stencils, stamps, block letters and paint pens.  The Monday group is adjourned until September 9, and today I’m missing the happy buzz of art play in my studio.  My own Muse prefers the company of others for art making, but there are projects awaiting me and I need some quiet time and the space to spread out a bit in the studio.  At least until this Saturday’s group arrives!  Want to join us?

sketchbookprojectSketchbook Project Mobile Library in San Francisco, July 28

Bob and I actually hit the right weekend for a jaunt to San Francisco to satisfy our art cravings.  The Sketchbook Project‘s Mobile library was in the parking lot at the S.F. Center for the Book ( just that weekend I’m afraid!)  I’d like to say I sent in a book for the library. I never actually got it done, but I know some of you did!

The Sketchbook Project is a global, crowd-sourced art project and interactive, traveling exhibition of handmade books. When you visit the library, first you get a library card (left), then request a particular themed book, then pick up two books at a time to check out and look through as you sit at picnic tables provided there.  You can keep coming back for books as often as you like. The library keeps moving to another city each weekend!  Really gets the creative juices moving!  If I was 22 again, I would love driving that van around the country, wouldn’t you?



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