Muse Student Smoke Art


Ink and smoke on w/c paper by Muse Carol L.

One of the greatest pleasures for me in teaching these mixed media lessons in the Muse Groups is that each student has her own take on them.  No paint by numbers happening here!  So I’d like to share the student pieces from the smoke painting lesson.


by Muse Carol F.


by Muse Theresa


by Muse Jenni (on debossed paper!)


by Muse Carol L.

I think we’ll just have to do some more smoke painting (among other things) at the next mini-Muse Workshop on August 10!  To find out more about that visit my website.



  1. Sooo creative. Each one is a totally different way to embellish and enrich the smoke markings. I had absolutely no idea. Cool even though it was hot 😉


    1. Look at the picture in the previous post to see. Hold the paper against a flame until you see smoke come off it. It makes a mark on the paper. Watercolor paper is sturdy enough that it doesn’t catch fire easily. But have some water close by just in case.


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