Smoke and Mirrors


smoke painting on w/c paper

Who are these wispy apparitions?  Ghosts, or are they feathers on a bird’s wing?


There was unanimous feeling in Monday Muses that this one was angelic. It’s all smoke and mirrors, or at least smoke from a candle flame.

Here’s how we did it.  Pretty easy.

smoke1and no, we didn’t set fire to my studio or even smoke ourselves out!  It’s all in the angle, which you can see in the picture here.  The flame must kiss the paper.  Of course this is 140 lb CP watercolor paper, which is pretty durable.  If you used newsprint, you could have a conflagration.


smoke, “brulaged” collage paper, ink and pencil

If you lived back then. . . you would know the secrets we can only guess at now, looking into the mysteries of smoke, for a thread, a trail of crumbs, a set of stairs to lead us in. 



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