nestingacrylic on gesso/stencil/scraped texture surface (embossed and debossed) on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

climb the tree and make a nest

not well ordered nor solidly built

but piece by fragmented piece

sticks and bits of flower fluff and lichen


lose yourself then

get tangled up and taken down

by too much green

into the web of all 


time for a nap in your ancient roost

fly away later

be a fledgling

take your maiden flight

. . .if you dare

Those nights sleeping under the redwoods are still with me.  We’re all genetically programmed from our ancient forebears to relax in cozy spaces up high and looking at trees above.  It was not hard to pretend this when sleeping in a tent with only thin netting to keep the ‘squiters out and those mother trees soaring protectively above.  Got me thinking about nests for humans.  My son Andrew, who’s an architecture student now, says he’ll build me one. . .some day.  Won’t that be amazing?!

[This piece was also a demo for debossing/embossing.  Can you tell which is which? The center swirls were embossed, and the side swirls were debossed.  I used the same stencil in two ways to create the pattern in opposite ways – that, and a lot of scraping and glazing.]


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