Free Demo at Rileystreet Art Supply, San Rafael, CA

There’s still space for the free demo I’m doing this weekend, May 26.  Make your reservations and come join me!


Colorful Masa Paper Textures
Instructor: Susan Cornelis

Sunday, May 26
1:30 – 3:30pm


Learn a mixed media technique using Japanese Masa paper to create delightful textures in your water media paintings and collage. First wetting, then crinkling the paper, you can achieve a marbling effect in color application with watercolor, inks and fluid acrylics. This inexpensive oriental paper with its long fibers and sizing maintains its strength when wet, and can be flattened and mounted or used as collage papers. In this demo you will learn how to work with this fun paper, while being introduced to its creative application in an art journaling practice.
Limited space, please call (415) 457 2787 to reserve a seat.


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