“Landslide”, acrylic on gesso textured canvas with Masa paper collage, 48″X36″

Paint larger.  That’s been my mantra for the last few months as I wished that I could be an Alice and take one of those “eat me” pills to grow larger so I could keep to the same scale.  People told me, “just use bigger brushes” and so I tried that.  I’m still trying that.  But there’s other issues to solve.  Like the table, (when you work flat).  It’s too small.  And you can’t just reach across to paint the other side from one position, so you end up having to paint up side down or sideways and use bigger muscles to reach. And then it takes up so much more room in the studio that you can ill afford.  But ah!  the impact is so powerful.

I had planned an entirely different painting when I started this latest Fantascape.  When it wasn’t working I kept just making changes, hoping something would materialize.  I never intended so much realism, but these rocks kept looming and I finally gave into it. I don’t know anywhere such a landscape exists.  Perhaps in Lord of the Rings country?



  1. I hang a large empty canvas on the wall and paint that way…..tarp on the floor and a small table for paints! That is when I get a chance to get in my studio…….recarpeting and fixing our upstairs now that I’m out of it….there always is some project that gets in the way of my playing!!! Miss you……….


    1. I’m convinced that the only way we get time to paint is by letting the household things get a bit shabby for a while. That said, today we’re having tree work done, so even though it’s my painting day, it’s not happening! Not with the loud chipper right outside my window!


  2. Why did I get an image of you using scaffolding? 😉 Like the water on this one. It give nice contrast with the rugged rocks.


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