Raford Inn

raford1“Hen Nobility”, watercolor

Last week I hung some of my paintings at Raford Inn, a beautiful bed and breakfast inn on a hill overlooking the vineyards not far from my house.  I certainly couldn’t have shown my current series of colorful abstract paintings at this venue with the flowered wallpaper and antique furniture. But I still have some original paintings and prints that harken back to my days as a watercolor painter and they looked like they belonged on these walls.  Of course I’m hoping that some wine country tourists will want to take them home!



The setting is phenomenal.  You feel like you’re inside a picture postcard with the roses everywhere and the tapestry of vineyards unfurling below and the family of red headed woodpeckers working away on the stately palm tree out front, not to mention the Orioles in another tree.

raford4I just stood for a while and watched a baby woodpecker at the foot of the palm and listened to his plaintive call to his parents, who were too busy drilling to respond to his cries.

raford3“Rose Persimmon Quartet”



  1. Hi Susan,
    Looks like a great setting for your representational work. Isn’t it amazing how we have these “previous lifetimes,” represented by different stages or modes of our work. I have old work, including seascapes and scenic work, that has stacked up in my studio. It is very different from what I’m doing today, but my “handwriting” is still there.


  2. Charming, Raford Inn. Would be a great place to do some plein aire painting I think. I love your representational work in watercolor! Your vision, in all your various styles, is inspiring! Miss coming to Muse groups. May have to come back at some point. ❤


    1. I must say I miss having you in Muse Group too Paula! Maybe you could drop in this summer on one of the Sat. dates. I have some fun new lessons planned. You can talk to RaeLynn about plein air painting at Raford inn because it’s a WASCO venue site.


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