“Vestiges III”, acrylic on molding paste textured wood panel, 6 X 6″

More fossils, carbon dated 2013 but carrying the vestiges, as we all do. . . circulating through our bodies the same molecules that have been around for eons.  In some ways our bones are as ancient as the fossils we find.


“Vestiges I”

These bear some resemblance to the discarded seed pods I find in my garden.


“Vestiges II”

The material qualities of the Wabi-Sabi universe (from the book Wabi-Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets and Philosophers by Leonard Kohen) are “the suggestion of natural process, irregular, intimate, unpretentious, earthy, murky, and simple”.  If it starts to look too planned, too hard edged, too colorful. . . simplify, murk it up, rub it down to a patina.


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