“Paleo II”, acrylic on gesso textured wood panel, 6″ X 6″

Sometimes we 2-D painters long for a more tactile art experience.  The fingers no longer are satisfied in communicating with the surface solely through the extension of a brush. I always tend to believe that I have in my studio the means to satisfy any art yearnings, and this “Fossils” series has been the answer lately.


“Paleo I”

I’m working my way up in size from four inches square to six inches.  The twelve inch panels are now starting to make my fingers itch!  (Of course that might be the poison oak rash I’ve had this week  . . .)


“Paleo II”

In the metaphysics of Wabi-Sabi everything is either devolving toward or evolving from nothingness. The point is to experience the ceaseless change in a world of infinite possibilities. My fossils are carbon dated for 2013, but they’ve come from the same nothingness as thousand year old bones.

(I do hope though, that my poison oak is devolving!)

Workshop News!  There is still space in the Mixed Media Workshop I’m teaching in my studio on May 18.  The focus will be on fun textures like the ones above.  (This was originally advertised as a two day workshop.) For more information visit my website.



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