The Soul Drinks Periwinkle Nectar


by Muse Myra Polikoff,  iridescent acrylic inks and collage on w/c paper

the soul instead 

drank periwinkle nectar

and in a sleepy state

sensed hope


the soul instead

tasted saffron pudding

and in a wild state

sensed freedom


the soul instead

sipped magenta ice

and in a state of quietude

sensed peace


the soul instead

rose from the depths of the pain

of all beings

soared above the suffering

of all beings

flapped its airy wings 



feasted on ruby grapes

and in a state of gratitude

sensed the oneness

of all

       by Myra Polikoff

Sometimes we use words in our palettes as well as colors.  Words that describe colors add spice to our descriptions, conjuring up imaginary realms.  This painting with poem by Myra was done in the Muse Group “word play” lesson where we started out with piles of words and put them together into sentences, not the kind that would get you an A in English class, but the sort that would send you rockin and rollin into your next art adventure.  Words first, painting second, and writing about it all, third.  A fruitful pathway for the soul that prefers periwinkle nectar!

Yesterday I was sitting with my first grader whom I’m visiting each week in the Schools of Hope volunteer program to help her with reading.  She’d become a bit bored with our exercises and was reluctant to struggle through reading to me, so I spread out her flash card words and said “Let’s play a game where we make silly sentences out of these words!”  She was definitely up for that – who wouldn’t be?



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