Inside the Flower Bud

Students in my Muse Groups are always delighting us with their creations, so I thought I’d share some of  them on a regular basis here on the blog, along with the writing that goes with them.  This image and poem are by Patricia Marina. The writing is done after the art, and with a time limit of five minutes!  just enough time to “take dictation” from the unconscious mind, which often offers surprising wisdom.

gesso texture, inks, pen, collage by Patricia Marina

Inside the flower bud

What is cracking open?

It’s the question of the day

I draw the bath now or maybe later

It’s a flow of give and take

You are the flower’s center

You still cast a big shadow

With all your strength

Inside the tale, over and under and through

We cannot deny

There are no last words that can be spoken

That will soothe my soul today

And yet, and yet

You are still my flower bud angel

Is your heart ready to be cracked open?

      -Patricia Marina

If you live in the Bay Area and are interested in joining a Muse Group or mixed media workshop, there are openings next month.  See the workshop schedule here.


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