Mass o’ Masa

rileystdemo1Crinkled Masa paper demo at Rileystreet Art Supply

This could be the scene out my studio window right now – apple blossoms and long green grasses.  So although I’d intended to do a more abstract demo, I couldn’t resist.  The Masa paper is wet thoroughly on both sides, crinkled up tight, then spread out and painted on with acrylic inks, first skipping over the raised crinkle to capitalize on texture, then painting thickly into the broken sizing of the fibers.  Then the damp piece is mounted with gel onto 140 lb watercolor paper and flattened out.

wildhorsesacrylic inks on crinkled masa paper with collaged papers mounted on w/c paper

how I long to run with wild horses

across plains down beaches through forests

not riding on but running with

stampeding with 

the dream horses that gallop

just out of sight

there but not there

with a fleeting scent

a monumental surge of something bitter

or sweet or golden or red

a forest fire or a mountain lake

but just for a unicorn moment

now you see it now you don’t


left only with the taste of longing


We did the crinkled Masa in Monday Muses today with spectacular results.  Have you tried it yet?  I am quite hooked.

And have you gotten your copy of the new Muse eBook In the Company of Muses yet?  We discovered that for a while this weekend the eBook was suddenly not available from our distributing service!  So if you tried and failed, please try again, because it’s working again.  This is a downloadable Muse eCourse in eBook form with demonstration videos not available anywhere else and lots of detailed mixed media lessons.  You can read more about it on my website and purchase it for only $14.95!


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