Just Released! A New Multi Media eBook for All You Muses

For years now my blog reader friends, who can’t attend workshops, have been asking for a way to participate in the Muse Group experience in your home. So finally I’ve bottled it up and made it available for you at an affordable price you hopefully won’t have to think twice about. It’s also a great companion for current Muse students who can use it to supplement classes.  Take a look at the video here to get a taste.

In this downloadable eBook you will find:

* An introduction to the Muse Group practice: how to access creative flow through playful art making combined with meditation and writing.
* A complete materials list to equip your art space for play.
*Audio meditation instructions which you can use to get in a relaxed state before art making.
*Eleven detailed mixed media art lessons including:  Inks and Gesso, Rorschach Painting, Cave Painting(surface textures), Image Transfer, Memory Mapping, Antiquing Paper, Metallic Look with Foil collage and more.
*Three new demonstration videos of art play lessons.
*Detailed instructions for making your own art journal books.
*A Facebook group to give you a forum for sharing images and ideas with others who are participating in the course.

All this for $14.95.  You can get more information and purchase In the Company of Muses: Adventures in Mixed Media Art Journaling here.  (Please read all the instructions carefully before you click “add to cart”.)


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