Saffron Elation

saffronelationacrylic, cheesecloth, plastic wrap texture, collage, word play on 10 X 11″ w/c paper

The envious soul was lifted in a state of saffron elation.  

He knew it was a small world, and he would be noticed if he started walking off the edge.  Someone would grab him and pull him back. The tiniest sweet feeling ballooned into elation as he looked around, drawing everything into his embrace.
He noticed he could experience the feelings of folks on the opposite side of the planet, and he was amazed. . .

. . .and the planet, previously an envious green, turned a deep saffron.

Last weekend the Muse groups had some fun with word play to get us started.  Enlisting the whacky delights of randomness we sorted loose words into sentences that challenged the metaphoric mind.  One of the bowls we picked from had color words, another feelings, and another sounds.  I was lucky to find this “saffron” colored piece I’d started another day, and finished it with the words, which led to this little story where I could almost picture Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s Little Prince standing there on his little planet.



  1. Susan, thanks for the wonderful class at Riley Street. Masa paper looks like a wonderful medium and I now have many ideas of how to use the piles of finished water colors I have and supply of acrylics.
    Judy Freedman


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