The Eye of the World

eyeoftheworldacrylic skins, acrylic, collage, custom stamping on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

to see with the eye of the world
into the world
under swirling oceans
where waves of uncertainty come ashore

here where gods come to dip their quills
in the river of gold
the eye of knowing does not react
but takes it all in
without comment

We were “building” a home for our dreams with collage, a sanctuary.  I pulled out this piece that I’d already started with acrylic skins.  Then I  found the eye, and it was just too weird and irresistible to not use.  A pyramid shape, Horus, the Egyptian god who carried the sun across the sky, and that serpent’s eye. More a cosmic home than a cozy sanctuary for sure. . .but cozy will have to wait for another time.


One comment

  1. Very unusual. Hunting. I’m not quite sure why this one works for me but it does. Maybe because it uses symbolic imagery which adds even greater depth then usual. I like this one, Susan.


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