inks, gesso, image transfer, custom stamps on w/c paper, 10X11″

she floats like a balloon
navigating with her ribbon pulls
undulating with the elements
swaying with the grasses
dancing with the lanterns

no one knows how she does it
few would even notice
i come upon her and stare
a bit disoriented at first

who is pulling the strings
making it stay aloft?
is it she or me
or thou?

The Monday Muse Group this week did image transfers, the dry gel and clear contact paper methods.  The angel was a dry gel transfer.

But the piece began a couple weeks before with carving a stamp out of a styrofoam meat tray  (actually imprinting by drawing with a pencil into the styrofoam), a kind of artichoky design.  Then I stamped with a wine bottle cork and another grass stamp I’d made earlier.  Next I glazed layers of color, and next. . .and next. . .One loses track.

And then the meaning comes the minute I start writing. . .a transitory feeling of floating? or one of having ones’ strings pulled just out of awareness?  I’ve learned to make the connections and then let them go and move on.  Or am I floating on?

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