Space Creature

spacecreatureInks, gesso, stamping on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

Space creature from the deep blue
has her eye on me
swirls her whirligigs,
shines her beams,
points her antennae
toward signals from home

that say (and I translate)
“What bizarre planet have you found?  
Have its people gone totally berserk?
Take care or they will get you too with their guns.
Come home where creatures make more sense!”

Last Saturday I taught a mini workshop for an art group in Ukiah.  It was billed as “Drip Creatures” and these were serious painters so I wasn’t sure anyone would show up.  Turns out they were up for some fun and we dripped and squirted and rolled the inks and gesso and had a grand time.  I have painted so many bird and horse like creatures, so I was determined not to do that this time.  This creature definitely looks like it could fly, but not to the hen house or bird’s nest.  More like another planet.



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