Digging Further for Fossils

fossil4texture paste, acrylics/Interference red and green, on 4″X4″ canvas

More of my little fossil paintings.  I made a homemade stamp by gluing pieces of thin foam sheet onto scrap pieces of wood and stamped it into wet texture paste (like molding paste).  Instead of leaving a clear imprint or “deboss” like I’d planned, it left these line patterns as i pulled it off.  Whatever it takes to explore a new surface!  The Interference paints (Golden) show off their duotone splendor when you paint them over a darker (dry) color.  Instant treasure from the chest at the bottom of the sea!


Here I got some gold paint into the bargain, and washed some opaque paint over the right side.  Looks a bit like aged leather?


On the brighter side, perhaps some lichen and wildflowers.

fossil6acrylic on a ground of light molding paste (Golden)

See how gritty this surface is?  Very absorbent too, like watercolor paper, and sculptable, stamp-able, and very light weight and fun to use.  Craters of the moon, stalactites or maybe a rusty canon.



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