Love Pops!

lovepopsAcrylic inks and gesso on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

Love pops.  Oh boy, does it!  Like popcorn you never know when the next kernel will go – that sharp ping against the pan.

And it may come with tears or with anger.  You’re never quite ready for the tearing open of the organ of love.  You keep zipped up, locked down and safely (you imagine) anesthetized against all that disorienting flowering of feeling.

Ah but the alluring aroma of the buttery popping . . .Yum!  How can that which disrupts so thoroughly taste so good?!

The Muse Groups are mainly about play and I do so want us never to get too serious about what we do with paint.  It’s ever so much more gratifying to take a lesson with all its rules and see how we can change it, take it in or let it out, or add a bit of fluff and feather to it (figuratively or literally speaking).

This lesson was about going a bit wild with color, knowing that you can come back after it’s dry and mix all your colors together and add gesso to the mix to get a semi-opaque neutral color to paint around some shape you see or imagine. Then scrape into the wet color a bit and, oh, you’re done!


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