decalcomanieinks on decalcomania (gesso textured) w/c paper

The word is French and my French friend Isabelle was surprised that this word is used in relation to this mixed media painting technique.  Actual credit for the establishment of decalcomania as an art method is given to Surrealist artist Oscar Dominguez, who in 1936 used the technique to create shapes with no preconceived object in mind. Viewers were tempted to explore the works in search of hidden images, but no representational connection was intended (as in the above image).

You can take any kind of pigment that has some stickiness – gouache, acrylic, even watercolor out of the tube, spread it out and then press your fingers or another piece of paper onto it and when you take it off, you have this fun texture.  THe thicker the pigment, the more defined texture.  The textured piece above was done with thick gesso. Give it a try! and then visit Isabelle’s blog for another example done in Sunday’s Muse Group.


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