Caerus Artist Picnic

Pentel Brush Pen and watercolor in 9 X 12″ Canson Mix Media sketchbook

This is my Four Hands Painting partner, Suzanne Edminster, who along with Karina Nishi Marcus (next sketch), invited me to an artist gathering at Spring Lake park yesterday. We lunched under the oaks there on this glorious autumn day, then sat around and sketched and painted.  I haven’t done any plein aire painting in ages, and with so many wonderful and cooperative subjects I focused mainly on quick sketches, 5-10 minute ones that wouldn’t tie up anyone’s time for very long.  I also posed a bit myself. It was fun to try out my Pentel Brush Pen, but also I learned that you can use the Uni-ball Vision Elite on wet paper, which you’ll see in the next sketch, of Karina.

Uni-ball pen on wet watercolor wash in 6 X 10″ Arches Travel Book

Pentel Brush Pen in Arches Travel Book, 6 X 10″

We decided to call this one “Noir Scot”.  It’s definitely a characature that fell wide of the mark!  But I loved the way the Pentel Brush Pen ink could be wetted and moved around for shading, but only on the watercolor paper.  On the Canson paper it was permanent once put down.

Pentel Brush Pen in Arches Travel Book

i found a bench by the lake for this one and enjoyed the Sumi brush-like look of this wonderfully versatile brush pen, which you squeeze periodically to refill with ink.

Pentel Brush Pen and watercolor in Canson sketchbook

Bea outdid us all with her colorful (good) witch hat and feather boas and brought the most devilish eggs , spider-like and green!

I was fascinated with Robert’s blue blue eyes and ran out of room for the rest of his hat!

Uni-ball vision elite pen on wet watercolor wash

I think these watercolor washy ones were my favorite.

I’m sure there will be lots of pictures of this fun picnic soon on the Caerus Artist Residency blog, so stay tune in for more!



    1. Great to “see” you here Donna! I feel the same about your “sketching people in public places” workshops. I was at Aroma Roasters last weekend, having a drink and resting from a bike ride, thinking of your group sketching there. Hopefully we’ll sketch together some time soon.


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