Sketching the Group Sketching

TNDG figure sketch, nib pen dipped in black and walnut inks on plain sketch paper, 12 X 9″

Haven’t been to figure sketching group for a while, but with all this abstract painting I’ve been doing lately, I needed a drawing fix last Thursday night.  The thing is though, that my preference is sketching people in natural life situations, so that if I don’t want to fall asleep when the model lies down, I move on to the other far more fascinating subjects in the room.

If you recognize yourself, please forgive me for whatever liberties I have taken!  You are far more attractive than I may have inadvertently depicted you here.



  1. I think you give the artists in your sketch a lot of personality. It’s interesting to me, too, how you’ve drawn the figure at the right so that “he” extends into the space of the model.


  2. Home from Montana; I love your life drawing; hope to see youat the Sunday November Muse Session; i want to make sure you have room for my makeup then. Let me know……. Judy


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