Don’t Wait Til the Sun Shines to. . .

inks, gesso, fabric and paper collage

don’t wait til the sun shines
to live to love to create
to let your own self shine

don’t get stuck
back in the prison of dark blots
of fermented overgrowth
of moments strung
in long lines of repetition
like film stills

don’t get stuck
waiting for the change train
to poke you
to pop your bubbles

seek the shine you want in what you have

Saturday and Sunday (today) were the start of a new monthly Muse Group series.  We always start out with inks, and dropper on the color, letting it explode onto the wet paper surface.  This ink play chases away the art fear and puts us right back in our pre-schooler mindset.  This time we cut shapes out of clear contact paper first and pressed them onto the paper as a kind of resist before applying the inks – in layers, drying between the layers to avoid colors mixing into mud soup too quickly.

I had just watched the documentary “The Dhamma Brothers” the night before.  It follows a group of maximum security prisoners as they engage in a 10 day Vipanssana Meditation retreat and experience inner freedom within the walls of the prison. I was so moved by watching their transformation, realizing that they would never leave the prison walls but had already attained a level of freedom that many people never have.


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